In Stock Now! How Nomadix is supporting the market through the global chip shortage

The global chip shortage is now forecast to continue until 2024 with some vendors quoting lead times of well over a year for key equipment such as wireless access points. A shortage of semiconductors has seen supply chain setbacks and delayed manufacturing, creating a bottleneck and affecting the production of devices from gaming consoles to medical equipment to wireless access points.

Beyond disappointed teens expecting a PlayStation, this shortage has major consequences for the delivery of Wi-Fi services. Think upgrades that can’t be delivered, defective equipment that can’t be replaced, new networks that can’t be installed. So important is high-quality Wi-Fi to the guest, tenant and user experience at a hotel or venue, that if hardware fails, hoteliers, landlords and property owners can’t afford to wait for key equipment. Any delay could potentially ruin their brand experience and reputation.

We were asked by our vast partner community to supply an end-to-end networking solution. In response, we recently introduced Nomadix Networks, our newly expanded product line, adding Wi-Fi 6 access points, WLAN controllers and LAN switches specifically designed to align with stringent hospitality standards, alongside our existing patented internet gateways. This allows both hotels and multi-tenant operators to affordably upgrade their infrastructure with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, while effectively meeting the exponential internet and IoT growth demands and providing simple and secure management for properties, all from one trusted supplier.

To support properties in making these key network infrastructure investments, despite supply chain issues and chip shortages, last year our team worked with our OEM manufacturer to secure an ample supply of inventory of these critical devices and the core Broadcom chips upon which they are built. Already successfully installed in over 50 countries and in thousands of properties, these solutions are in stock and shipping to Nomadix partners and their end customers.

Multi-vendor, CAPEX-only purchasing was acceptable pre-COVID, but in today’s environment where hoteliers must do a lot more with much less in an environment of inflated prices and unreliable lead times, it is far from efficient. Hotels are looking to source networking equipment from a single trusted supplier. In this business model, “single source” means more than just convenience; it means in-stock inventory, flexible pricing, minimized contract management, lower support costs, and a healthier bottom line.

A one-stop-shop-style option where properties, service providers, and vendors can be efficient, can produce a better customer experience and simplify the management and support of a property’s network. A fully integrated portfolio of products that work seamlessly together makes deployment easy and delivers more flexibility, reliability, and scalability.
Looking to future proof your property’s network to support growing bandwidth demands? A member of our team is here to help or connect you to the partner you need.

Linda Kahangi is Nomadix Chief Information and Operations Officer (CIOO). In her role, Kahangi ensures the business continues to deliver operational efficiencies, product reliability and security, and top-notch customer and partner experiences.