Boosting Property Values: A Look at What’s Ahead at the NMHC Student Housing Conference

Whether it’s studying, gaming, attending online courses, listening to music or posting on social media, a quality Wi-Fi connection is a necessity and a top amenity consideration for student housing. Unfortunately, 50% of residents report experiencing network issues

To add to the challenges, property values have dropped. What can property owners do to boost their investment, as well as up level student satisfaction? Offer managed Wi-Fi: it increases NOI, boosts property values and at the same time addresses the connectivity requirement for students – a win-win.

The road ahead for property investments and student housing market insights are key topics at the NMHC Student Housing Conference this week. We are at the event, and here’s a quick snapshot of what’s new for Nomadix: 

  • Nomadix MDU Portal for Student Housing: An all-in-one white label managed Wi-Fi solution that enables service providers to offer instant and secure connectivity for residents, staff and visitors. It offers simple bulk onboarding and offboarding with auto-generated email instructions to each student resident. 
  • Property Management Systems Integrations: Nomadix Managed Wi-Fi integrates with industry-leading property management systems, including Entrata and RealPage.
  • Nomadix Networks: A portfolio of internet gateways, wireless access points, controllers and LAN switches at an unbeatable performance-to-price ratio. The Nomadix WLAN Cloud Controller and robust Cloud Monitor enable efficiencies of using a single source manufacturer for the entire Wi-Fi solution.
  • Alerts: Our innovative 2-in-1 solution is designed for both workplace safety and Wi-Fi analysis, for lone workers around the property. It features a panic button with real-time location updates and fall detection, and it can measure Wi-Fi quality to detect potential issues. 

If you are there, we are looking forward to connecting in kiosk #5. Let us help you make an impact moving into 2024 and beyond.

Mike Womack is VP of Partner Sales – Americas with Nomadix.