Voice-Activated Digital Concierges to Serve Middle East Hospitality Industry Through Nomadix and Wide Computer Systems Initiative

Angie by Nomadix In-Room Voice Assistants Help Hotels Upsell Services and Enhance Guest Experiences 

LOS ANGELES, March 07, 2023Nomadix® Inc., a technology leader in hospitality and multi-tenant industries, today announced an initiative to deliver multilingual digital concierges to hotels across the Middle East with its partner Wide Computer Systems, one of the leading solution and service providers for the Middle East hospitality industry. Voice assistants create an important revenue opportunity for hotels in the region by enabling new upsell revenue and creating personalized guest experiences. 

Angie multilingual, in-room voice assistants help fulfill guest requests, answer common questions about the property and create streamlined access to a wide range of hotel amenities such as ordering room service, scheduling housekeeping or requesting extra towels. Even if guests do not speak the local language, hotels can easily customize the answers to questions to a specific property – checkout times, ice machine locations, restaurant dining times and more, making the guest experience easier. Angie combines multiple devices (e.g., alarm clocks, Bluetooth speakers) and integrates with other in-room IoT and smart technology. Hotels can control questions and responses to assist stretched staff and provide upsell and advertising revenue through digital promotions or recommended onsite amenities or discounts.

“At Wide Computer Systems, we are committed to providing our customers with the latest and most innovative technology solutions for the hospitality industry,” said Kamal Bhatia, CEO of Wide Computer Systems. “We are proud to partner with Nomadix to bring voice-activated digital concierges to hotels in the Middle East. We believe that this technology has the potential to transform the way guests interact with hotels and enhance their overall experience. With our combined expertise, we are well- positioned to help hotels differentiate themselves in a competitive market and drive guest satisfaction and loyalty.”

“We are excited to partner with Wide Computer Systems to introduce Angie voice assistants to the Middle East,” said Hauke Lenthe, managing director EMEA and APAC at Nomadix. “Voice technology is a game-changer for hotels. Hoteliers can elevate the guest experience while increasing staff efficiency and upsell revenue. With Wide Computer Systems’ deep expertise in the Middle East hospitality industry, we are confident that this innovative solution will help hotels meet the evolving needs of their guests and drive business growth.”

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About Nomadix

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About Wide Computer Systems

With over 2 decades of experience, Wide Computer Systems specializes in providing the hospitality industry with the latest cutting-edge technology. Wide Computer Systems serves the industry with solutions for PMS, POS, Finance, Materials Management, HR & Payroll and also looks at decision making solutions like Revenue Management and Smart Elevator Solution (SES). Looking at the challenges faced by tall hotels due to elevators, Wide Computer Systems developed SES which uses AI and high-definition cameras to improve guest satisfaction and efficiency of the elevators.