Get Smart: Angie and Telkonet Elevate the Guest Experience

Room temperature may be just a small element in a hotel room – but it involves a lot of big thinking on the hotel’s part. It’s also a higher priority for guests than we might think, with some admitting that it can determine whether they return to that hotel at all. Hotels will also know how many complaints room temperature issues can generate to the front desk.

So, to improve life for everyone, it’s a win for both parties when guests can control room thermostats to their personal preferences. 

Here at Nomadix, our core goal  “Better Together” runs deep and encompasses every area of our company from people to partners to products. We’re taking another step forward as we join with Telkonet, a leader of intelligent automation solutions designed to optimize comfort, operational analytics, and energy efficiency, to offer a new integration that creates smart in-room experiences for hotels and their guests.

We’re pairing Telkonet smart thermostats with our Angie in-room voice assistants, and it’s a match made in smart room heaven. Guests will now be able to use their voices to set the room thermostat to their preference, improving comfort, ease and accessibility. What exactly can guests ask? Here are a few ideas: 

  • “Hey Angie, turn the temperature up two degrees.”
  • “Hey Angie, I’m cold.” 
  • “Hey Angie, set the fan to low.”
  • “Hey Angie, turn on the AC.” 

From specific temperatures to fan speeds, this new integration meets the latest guest expectations and offers hotels improved operational and energy efficiency and cost savings.

Meet Rising Guest Expectations

According to the 2022 Hotelier Technology Sentiment Report, nearly 92 percent of hoteliers said their guests expect contactless options and 75 percent believe that contactless will become a long-term trend. 

Our integration gives guests contactless control over the in-room environment, just like they have at home. This is especially true for travelers with mobility issues or people with vision challenges who cannot see equipment to control the room environment. Upgrading to a smart solution allows guests to feel at ease when they travel. 

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Hotels are still facing staffing shortages and finished 2021 at only 77% of their 2019 employment levels

By adopting smart technologies, hotels can assist stretched staff by automating tasks such as answering property questions to save time. For example, Angie in-room devices work around the clock to relieve associates of simple, recurrent questions, allowing them to focus on high-value services.  Angie and Telkonet together can improve operational efficiency with truly measurable results by optimizing thermostat temperatures in empty rooms to save on costs and by giving guests control over the in-room environment, reducing complaints about temperature to the front desk.

Increase Sustainability and Cost Savings

A 2021 study found that 81% of travelers plan to choose a sustainable accommodation option in the coming year, and our combined integration can help hotels make an eco-friendly change. With the current fuel crisis at hand and global gas prices reaching an all-time high last month at 5.35 U.S. Dollar per U.S. gallon, it is critical to implement solutions that can optimize fuel usage. Both Angie Voice Assistants and the Telkonet Touch Combo thermostat were designed to enhance a property’s energy efficiency. Together they reduce energy consumption and increase savings, particularly by resetting rooms that aren’t in use to an ideal temperature.

We’ll demonstrate our combined solution at HITEC 2022 in Orlando, June 27-30, Nomadix booth #1617. For more information on the Angie by Nomadix In-Room Digital Concierge, visit:


Josh York brings over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry to his role as Product Manager of Angie and PBX.