Martis Palace is a luxurious 4-star hotel located in the heart of Rome, occupying the ancient area of ​​Campo Marzio behind Piazza Navona. In the 16th century, a Roman statue dating back to the II century AD, depicting the god Mars, was discovered in the area adjacent to the square, hence the name Hotel Martis Palace, the Palace of the god Mars.

To upgrade the in-room experience and attract guests wanting to cast their own media content, it worked with Nomadix partner, VDA, to install a new casting solution.


  • Elevate the guest experience by adding a casting solution to their guest services.
  • Increase ROI of the guest rooms TVs.
  • Seamless integration with existing in-room technology.

The Solution

As part of a wider package of interactive TV solutions, VDA installed VDA Casting, which is based on Nomadix Casting, across its 26 classic & deluxe double rooms.

The VDA Casting in-room entertainment system is the latest interactive TV solution by VDA Group, enabling guests to watch their favorite programs while staying at the hotel. By simply clicking the QR code on the TV display with their smartphone camera, the guest can easily access – and cast – their personal accounts of popular online streaming content platforms.

In this way, guests now can choose whether to continue their favorite series on Netflix, watch a movie on Amazon Prime Video, or choose a cartoon on Disney+.


The hotel now benefits from an integrated Wi-Fi and entertainment solution through one provider. All of the entertainment apps that guests can use at home have now become part of the hotel’s experience.

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